Für unsere Reinigungsexperten:

•   3 x ZHAM Allzweckreiniger mit 30 mL Reinigungskonzentrat powered by EcoClean®

How it Works:
Open Bottle – Add Concentrate – Top up with Wasser – Done!

Remove the spray nozzle and add the entire 30 mL of cleaning concentrate to the glas bottle. Top up the bottle slowly with 500 mL of cold water. Your general purpose cleaner is now ready!

What it Can Clean:

The ZHAM general purpose cleaner powerd by EcoClean® removes oily and fatty residues of all kind. This makes it ideal to be used in the kitchen, for the oven, plastic surfaces, aluminium, tiles, stone surfaces and much much more. Visit our webiste at https://zham-homecare.ch to get more information.

Ingredients of the Cleaning Concentrate:
Nonionic Surfactants <5-15%, Anionic Surfactants < 5%, Ethanol (plant based) <1%, Colouring Agent, Complexing Agent(plant based) <1%, Parfume from renewable sources<1%

A Scent from Zurich, for Zurich
Das Reinigungskonzentrat enthält einen durch Wilhelm Perfume in Züri-Binz kreierten Duft, welcher beim putzen einen sinnliches und frisches Aroma hinterlässt.

The scent was created by the perfumer "Wilhelm Perfume" in Züri-Binz. It combines several aromatic flavours to leave behind a unique touch.

Delivery Directly from a Store
Additional Labels Sustainable, Eco friendly, Vegan, Organic, Natural
Shipping Cost
Shipping Delivery Time 3-4 Days
Shop Location Bäckerstrasse 56 8004 Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

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