Practical Ways to Beat Procrastination

Read to find doable steps you can take to become more efficient.
Practical Ways to Beat Procrastination

Have you ever found yourself delaying a product launch to ensure everything is absolutely perfect? Or have you been avoiding challenging business decisions? Well, sometimes when we’re working on long-term goals, we have a very hard time sitting down to actually accomplish them and end up avoiding what we need to do altogether. And chances are, if you find yourself reading this article, you’re looking for a way to beat procrastination, and we’re here to help!

If you are an entrepreneur and are currently fighting procrastination, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. And while some of us do it more than others, procrastination is very common. However, in business, procrastination can lead to missed opportunities and delay you from getting closer to your goals, whether growing a thriving business or winning a marketing campaign.

In this article, we’ll show you some possible reasons for procrastination and what to do to stop that. 

Table of Contents

1. What is procrastination?

2. Why do we procrastinate?

3. How can we stop procrastinating?

What is procrastination?

It’s a voluntary action of delaying or postponing what you’re doing until a later time despite knowing there will be consequences. 

Why do we procrastinate?

More often than not, you aren't putting your tasks off because of laziness or time-management problems. Instead, the urge to avoid checking things off your to-do list sometimes comes from having trouble focusing, being overwhelmed, or having the fear of failure or doing things in the wrong way. 

How can we stop procrastinating?

Before we discuss how to stop procrastinating and actually get things done, know that we all have days when we feel less productive. And although everyone has experienced procrastination at one point or another, it’s possible to overcome it, just like you do with other habits. Below are some ideas you can try to beat procrastination:

1. Identify the issue 

Everything has a reason, and that includes your procrastination. And in the world we live in today, it’s just easy to procrastinate with so many distractions. Sometimes it’s simply because you don’t find the task exciting, and other times you just don’t know where to start. Whatever your issue is, try to understand what’s blocking you because if you don’t overcome procrastination, you will risk wasting valuable time and preventing your business growth. 

2. Stop stressing about being perfect

Perfectionism can cause stress, low self-esteem, and reduced productivity. When you allow yourself to not be perfect and make mistakes, you can see that imperfections or failures are not necessarily the end of the world. By letting yourself making mistakes along the way, you will also give yourself the opportunity to learn, grow, and do better. 

3. Create a to-do list

Sometimes the reason we procrastinate is because we don’t have a clear objective that we’re working towards. To overcome this, create a realistic plan for what you want to accomplish over a certain period of time. This will prevent you from forgetting those boring, unpleasant or overwhelming tasks. And be sure to only make a list of things you can handle on a daily basis and don’t overdo yourself!

4. Rank your tasks by priority

You often become overwhelmed when you take on or have too many projects at once. Take a moment to look over your to-do list over and determine the three tasks that are time sensitive to be your highest priority. And once you have determined your priorities, focus on working and finishing them first. By taking the time to prioritize your tasks, you can stay organized and avoid becoming overwhelmed by your own workload.

5. Focus on something doable

Setting a deadline is one thing, but getting yourself to actually work on it is another because sometimes your tasks can feel so big that you find it hard to start. When you feel overwhelmed by your tasks, try to break them down into smaller tasks that will be easier to manage, and do the task one at a time. 

6. Celebrate small wins

Small wins are essential because they give you a sense of accomplishment, and rewarding yourself after a job well done is as important. By celebrating your small wins, you’re also motivating yourself to push through difficulties and achieve bigger victories in the future.

7. Find the right environment

When you’re working on important tasks, a change in environment can help you set the right mood to work and finish your tasks. Sit where the natural light is, light a scented candle, put your phone away and on silent, play some ambient music to get you “in the zone”, and create your own productivity rituals. Trust us, these things will make a lot of difference.

8. Just begin

This one may be easier said than done, but sometimes, once you start doing a task, you realize that it’s nearly as bad as you think. With some effort, you can mitigate your procrastination tendencies and become more efficient in no time. So, take the time you need and transition from what you’re doing now to getting started!