Founder's Spotlight: Claire Dhote and the Birth of Pioupiou Cosmetics

Discover Pioupiou Cosmetics, founded by Claire Dhote, offering 100% natural skincare products for babies and families, prioritizing safety and sustainability. Experience the benefits of nature for your loved ones.
Founder's Spotlight: Claire Dhote and the Birth of Pioupiou Cosmetics

Welcome to our Founder Stories series, where we dive into the inspiring journeys of entrepreneurs in the world of sustainable beauty. Today, we're thrilled to share the story of Claire Dhote, the passionate founder of Pioupiou Cosmetics, a brand dedicated to providing natural skincare products for babies and families.

Meet Claire Dhote, A Loving Mother and Founder:

Claire Dhote, originally from France, has been living in Switzerland with her family for over 10 years. She is the proud mother of two boys and absolutely adores her family. With her background in the cosmetics industry, Claire discovered her calling to create a brand that promotes sustainable values and natural ingredients.

The Birth of Pioupiou Cosmetics:

Inspired by her journey as a mother and her passion for sustainability, Claire founded Pioupiou Cosmetics. The brand offers a range of natural skincare products, specifically designed for babies and the whole family. By harnessing the power of nature, Claire's mission is to create safe, high-quality, and 100% natural products that are also suitable for newborns and pregnant women.

Starting the Business and Overcoming Challenges:

Claire began the development process in early 2021, acknowledging that creating cosmetics with a focus on delicate skin requires time and dedication. The first products were successfully introduced to the market in September 2022.

The journey has been an exciting rollercoaster of ups and downs, but Claire remains passionate about her work in the natural skincare industry. As a mother and entrepreneur, she has found a way to balance her time between her business and her family, making this experience both exhilarating and fulfilling.

Claire Dhote's journey as the founder of Pioupiou Cosmetics is a testament to her dedication and love for both her family and the environment. Her commitment to providing safe, natural skincare products for babies and families has inspired many, proving that the power of nature can be harnessed for our health and well-being. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories in our Founder Stories series!


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