Meet Katarina, founder of Boudioubou

Meet Katarina, founder of Boudioubou

My name is Katarina, I am from Slovakia and I am living in Switzerland already for 7 years. I studied design and Art history. I am the founder of the kid’s clothing brand “Boudioubou”. Currently I am entrepreneur and mum of 2 year old son Arthur

My biggest inspiration for my work is my son Arthur. Thanks to him, I had the idea to create my own kid’s brand, based on his daily needs and wanting the best for him. 

In Slovakia we have a long tradition of kid’s tights with braces (more than 60 years), and even I used to wear them when I was a kid. I tried to find tights with braces here in the Swiss market, but was unable to find any. That’s why I decided to bring this product to Switzerland, and created my own kid’s brand. Plus I added barefoot slippers to my brand’s portfolio, because I also studied shoe design and I thought it was a good idea to have the shoes to match with our cute tights with braces.

I started my business plan with the big help of my beloved husband during the year 2021, and it took quite a few months to build the project. We opend our web shop at the beginning of the year 2022. It was a fun, but at the same time also very difficult to start this kind of project with our little baby boy, especially during Coronavirus restrictions… but we did it and now I am very happy to run my own business. Because we are just at the beginning (let’s hope it’s just the start of a nice and long journey of our brand), for the moment it’s just me, and occasionally my husband, who work for our brand. 

That means that, I am sometimes preparing orders during my son’s afternoon naps or in the evenings when he is alredy in the bed :), posting on social media, making consultations about new products with my suppliers, preparing new ideas… all of this is possible just in my “free” time when I am done with my “mum duties”. Sometimes is difficult to manage it all, but this is a challenge for me to prove myself as a good mum, good wife and as a good entrepreneur :) And I think that if you do this with love, anything is possible.


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