Meet Nadia, founder of Isabelle & Maurice

Nadia's son is the biggest inspiration for her to start a kids' clothing brand. She always wanted to provide the best quality clothes for him, so she wish to make products based on his daily clothing needs.
Meet Nadia, founder of Isabelle & Maurice

Who are you, and what are you doing?

Hi, my name is Nadia. I am originally from Indonesia but have lived abroad since 2010. I started my journey in Geneva in mid-2021 and very much enjoyed living here. In a professional setting, I work as a consultant for an international organization and am also a founder of the kids’ clothing brand “Isabelle & Maurice.” We are happy to offer high-quality clothing for kids, designed in Switzerland and made in Indonesia.

What inspired you to start your company?

The idea crossed my mind during our stay in Thailand in 2019. At that time, I made friends with many inspiring entrepreneurs who evolved around children's goods and development. They started small but kept growing, and their perseverance in working on the values they believed in influenced me to start my own company.

Despite that, I admit that my son is my biggest inspiration to start a kids' clothing brand. I have always wanted to provide him with the best quality clothes, so I wish to make products based on his daily clothing needs.

Tell us about how and when you started your business? 

I started working on the idea and design of “Isabelle & Maurice” in mid-2021 when I moved to Switzerland. From there, I have gone through many trials and errors in selecting the best materials to meet my specifications. In early 2022, “Isabelle & Maurice” started operating in terms of planning, research, design, sampling, and completing the legal aspect of the business. By mid-2022, we began to launch our products to the market.

And what has this journey been like for you? 

Starting this brand has been an exciting journey, and it still is. I feel that I learn new things every day as I overlook all aspects of the business, from design and production to marketing.

The journey is not always easy, but I’m satisfied that my brand aligns with my values. Every detail and material of our product is delicately selected with the utmost care to ensure comfort. The production process is carried out carefully. I am also proud that our clothes are made in factories that protect the right of employees. In the end, it brings satisfaction when our customers are happy with our quality products.

Would you like to share some insights from your company?  

Currently, “Isabelle & Maurice” is available in Switzerland and Indonesia, and I am eager to grow our market in other countries too. We are grateful to partner with Kaufpedia to set our foot in Switzerland. Hopefully, a more exciting story will come in further collaborations and business expansion. 



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