Meet Seda Mediano, founder of Oyna

Seda Mediano started a project that combines everything she loves. From working in Istanbul for a Swiss charity devoted to bringing smiles to hospitalized children. Her job might have influenced her to start a small business that serves babies and toddlers. This is Seda's story, in her own words:
Meet Seda Mediano, founder of Oyna

Who are you, and what are you doing?

I am Seda Mediano, born and raised in Hannover Germany. I was working in Istanbul for a Swiss Charity that is devoted to bring smiles to hospitalized children. There I met my husband and decided to move with him to Switzerland. I think my job might have influenced me to start a small business that serves babys and toddlers.

Tell us about how and when you started your business? 

When the pandemic started, I have to admit I used instagram more often than usually. Somehow I stumbled upon a sweet family that produces 100% handmade wooden toys, all painted with non-toxic colors and made with love. Immediately, I was thinking of my experience in the Swiss toy store. I contacted the family and we had several zooms. What can I say, it was a perfect match. They immediately send me some toys which I could sell on a Christmas market for a first trial. For the first time, I could see the reactions and feedbacks of the clients. It was a great feeling and I knew I had to go on with this business.

And what has this journey been like for you? 

It was and still is an exciting journey. My friends supported me a lot for example with the logo and the website. I learned so many new tools, like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. And I am still learning. But what I like most is to comment the feedback of the mothers. It makes me so happy to see that Swiss families appreciate the handmade toys of a small family-owned atelier.

Would you like to share some insights from your company?  

Currently my toys are also available in some family concept stores. For the moment only in the French region but I am looking forward to get in touch with new partners from the German region. But I wanted to be also more visible on e-commerce. So, Kaufpedia brings the perfect balance with its high quality digital solution. I can only recommend every Swiss small business to be on Kaufpedia.


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