My Starting Over Story: Meet Nicole from Paper and Co.

Nicole started a project that combines everything she loves. From crafting, to graphic designs. This is Nicole's story, in her own words:
My Starting Over Story: Meet Nicole from Paper and Co.

Who are you, and what are you doing?

What inspired you to start your company? 
Hello, I'm Nicole from Lausanne, originally from German-speaking Switzerland, founder of the blog "Paper and Co." where you can find sustainable and minimalist DIY gift ideas that are easy and quick to make. My blog is meant to inspire you to make small gifts and presents for friends and family yourself. With simple templates and tutos you can create a very special gift yourself, this in the spirit of "Less is More". The idea behind it is a creative concept that allows you to download a label at home and print it out in the desired quantity to give your gift the "finishing touch".

Tell us about how and when you started your business? 

During the Covid wave, my workload decreased and I took the opportunity to start with this idea that had been floating around in my head for quite some time. Since I didn't want to invest too much money, manage a warehouse, or rent a storefront, I decided to offer digital products. 

And what has this journey been like for you? 

This project combines everything I like. I've always loved crafting, so I can combine that with my graphic skills. I attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Vevey, and then started a studio for invitation cards and decoration with a friend, where I was self-employed for 8 years. Today I work part-time and this additional activity allows me to do what I love with all my heart.

Would you like to share some insights from your company?  

In this project, there was also a desire to promote upcycling, i.e. to give new life to objects or materials (old picture frames, glass containers, fabric scraps, etc.) that were supposed to be thrown away. Nowadays, we can no longer ignore excessive consumption and its sad effects.

Since you are a mom - share some encouraging or challenging stories for working moms.

My two daughters are grown now (12 and 15 years old), and I have a bit more time to craft again. I know what it's like to balance kids and work, often your own interests get short shrift. I want to inspire other busy moms with my blog and motivate them to take some time out - why not with a little craft project? Being creative can be a kind of "therapy" that helps you forget about everyday life. There is nothing better than to see the joy in the eyes of the recipient, if you can then still say, "I made especially for you ", that's a great feeling, right?


Hi, my name is Ruth. I'm Co-Founder of Kaufpedia and Founder of Ruthly.