Gourmet bourbon vanilla from Bali, Indonesia, whole pods 17+ cm, directly traded, natural & high yielding.

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Experience the incomparable taste: DARIKAMI Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla from Bali - directly traded, natural and of highest quality

DARIKAMI Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla will be the highlight of your culinary creations! Delivered from the pristine nature of Bali directly to your home, it offers an incomparable and intense vanilla aroma that will beguile your senses. The vanilla beans have an exceptionally high concentration of at least 2.5% of vanillin, the most important aroma and flavor substance of vanilla. Thus, even a small amount is enough to refine your dish with this unique flavor.

The special thing about our vanilla is that we get the pods directly from the farmers without middlemen*. Each pod is handpicked, carefully sorted and checked several times for highest quality. Our vanilla is free of pesticides, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Through traditional, natural fermentation, the vanilla retains its unique character and develops its intense aroma.

We attach great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. Our recyclable paper packaging is free of plastic and we work with our farmers in a fair and cooperative way. So every purchase of our vanilla not only supports your culinary pleasures, but also sustainable and fair production methods.


DARIKAMI is a family business with Indonesian roots based in Switzerland. We focus on long-term partnerships and mutual trust with our farmers and customers and fair prices for all involved. We purchase our products directly from the Indonesian producers, without any intermediaries, and we attach great importance to sustainability and environmental protection.


Store vanilla beans in a cool (not in the refrigerator) and dark place; close the package tightly after opening.


100 % Bourbon vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) from Bali, Indonesia

Scope of delivery

3 whole Bourbon vanilla beans (Vanilla planifolia) in gourmet quality, 17+ cm

Further information

The packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard and can be 100% recycled (stickers excluded). We use sustainable soy paint for our packaging.

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Shop Location Zürich (Kreis 7) / Hottingen, Zurich, Switzerland

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