Wooden Stacking Toys, Organic Wood Stacking Hercules Jenga, Toddler Sensory Gift by Bambino Nature

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Improve your baby's skills in the game with different challenges.
These stacking and balancing games are great educational toys as they offer a variety of play options that encourage a child's creativity and patience. Made of wood, they are non-toxic, non-fading, and have been properly polished to avoid possible gaps for children to play.
the advantages of this game are listed:
- Improving the child's fine motor skills
- Hand-eye coordination
- Building balance
- Problem solving skills
- Independent thinking

EDUCATIONAL TOYS: This unusual stacking toy set includes 16 different character models of boys and girls; each child was born with a role, and each role has a specific outfit and look. Each model has more than 16 bases and a lot of 16-block play methods. 4 wooden panels provide additional interest and challenge.

SAFE MATERIAL: The stacking balancing blocks are made of high quality wood and painted with eco-friendly paint. They are natural, non-toxic and beautifully designed. The hand polishing technique ensures a smooth, burr-free surface for children to play on.

EASY TO PLAY: This traditional stacking game is simple and easy to learn. To start, whenever you find the base and entangle each other hand in hand, leg in leg or hand in leg to stack them while keeping them balanced, build the tower and try not to let it collapse.

CONCENTRATION TRAINING: Concentration is important for your baby's growth and development. They refer to a state of intense focus on one thing. Anyway, when you play the stacking toy, the more your type concentrates, the more likely it is that the stack will be even and tall. So feel free to improve your child's concentration with this stacking toy set.

THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA: The game is fun and will keep your kids busy for hours! It is ideal for a variety of occasions including parties, birthdays, holidays, Christmas and more. It can be played by many children together, leading to increased interaction.

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