What to sell on Kaufpedia: 7 ideas (other than physical products)

If you’re embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey, or you’re looking for a change, expand your brainstorming beyond tangible goods. Here, we’ll explore what you can sell on Kaufpedia, including real store examples, app suggestions, and advice to get started.
What to sell on Kaufpedia: 7 ideas (other than physical products)

When you think of selling online, what initially comes to mind? Probably physical products like printed clothing, handmade jewelry, or accessories, right? Creating or curating tangible goods to sell online is a common business model, after all—one that defines many who use Kaufpedia today.

But when we say “product,” we’re talking about more than just things you can touch and feel. Many founders are using Kaufpedia in creative ways to sell pretty much anything and everything else. Experiences, online courses, tickets, and digital products are just a few unique business ideas off the well-trampled path of selling physical goods.

The global pandemic hurt many service- and experience-based businesses, but those who survived were those who pivoted to virtual alternatives. Consumer trends tell us that online experiences are here to stay, making it easier to start a low-budget business from home without managing inventory. What will you sell on Kaufpedia?

Shortcuts ↓

  1. Services
  2. Consultations
  3. Digital products
  4. Experiences
  5. Classes, workshops, and donations
  6. Digital gift cards
  7. Event tickets

1. Services

In-person and virtual businesses can make appointments seamless for customers (and staff) by offering self-serve online bookings. Salons, contractors, and music schools can sell virtual consultation time slots and in-person services through an online store.

Stores that typically sell physical products can also benefit from adding services (free or paid) to their websites. For example, many beauty salons that sells beauty products, use appointments to help their customers find a beautician nearby. “Appointment bookings are one of the integral components to a risk-free customer shopping experience,”. “And thanks to an app, booking a 30-minute fitting appointment is hassle free for them and their customers.”

How to make it work: Appointment booking apps offer a dynamic calendar, letting customers book preferred time slots with real-time availability. An app like Calendly syncs with Google Calendar and automatically sends confirmation emails to you and the customer.

2. Consultations

Why not sell your expertise online? From interior designers to fitness trainers, everyone can use an online store to book and sell online or in-person consultations. 

Brands that sell physical products can also benefit from adding consultations to the mix—especially if you’re an expert in the field. For example, think of selling nutritional supplements via Kaufpedia online store, and as an owner, you offers personalized nutritional assessments also for purchase on the site. 

Brands that specialize in customization or made-to-order products may sell consultations to help customers create the perfect product. 

How to make it work: On Kaufpedia customers can buy a consultation voucher or request an offer. Reach out our team to learn more about.

3. Digital products

Digital products can refer to anything you sell that you deliver in a virtual format—course content, music files, fonts, or other design elements are a few examples. (Note: Later in this article we’ll dive deeper into selling courses, specifically.)

While many clothing founders sell physical products like scissors and paper patterns, some of them also offer a lower-cost option: PDF sewing patterns delivered virtually. Other businesses selling printed materials like magazines or journals may opt to offer digital versions that customers can print at home. Chantelle, the founder of Kzara Visual Concepts is selling lots of creative presets and prints.

How to make it work: Sign up today on Kaufpedia by hitting the "Sell Now" button in the top right and we'll guide you through opening your shop on Kaufpedia as soon as possible.

4. Experiences

Experience-based businesses can range from travel and adventure providers to food tastings to kids’ camps. These businesses can improve the customer experience by offering advance ticket purchases and scheduling options online. 

How to make it work: Travel- or experience-based businesses may need to collect additional customer information, like medical concerns and emergency contacts. Use Kaufpedia's Product Dashboard to create robust and customizable digital products. And use video to your advantage: Kaufpedia’s video maker tool can help you create marketing videos using footage from real experiences.

5. Classes, workshops, and donations

Independent fitness businesses took a big hit during the pandemic as many were forced to close physical studios and shut down programming. But courses proved to be easily portable to a virtual format. Workout studios and boxing gyms alike moved to an online model, letting participants buy class passes and attend online.

If I Made creates original creative course content with industry professionals and delivers programming digitally to students, it didn’t start that way. “Wedding Styling 101 was an in-person workshop curriculum,” says founder Emily Newman. “We then took that content and brought it all online to make it more portable and accessible. As a result, our courses are a combination of worksheets, PDFs, and video.”

How to make it work: An app like Zoom Webinar can turn your Kaufpedia store into a course platform, allowing you to create lessons to sell online. Create course content and sell it over and over on Kaufpedia. Also, live webinars are a great option for gyms and fitness studios who want to provide live trainings.


One of Kaufpedia's core values is giving a hand where is needed, namely charity. You can use Kaufpedia as the merchandise arm of their organization, selling branded goods with profits supporting the cause. But charities and non-profits can also use an online store to “sell” one-time donations.

How to make it work: Collect custom donations directly from your Kaufpedia store using by adding a digital product with a charity guide.

6. Digital Gift Cards

The simplest of non-tangible goods to add to any website is gift cards. From Kaufpedia, you can enable gift cards for most stores. They’re perfect for any business, allowing recipients to redeem codes online for products or services sold through your website.

How to make it work: Customize your gift card design and upload it on Kaufpedia for sale.

7. Event Tickets

Event tickets can be sold easily online using apps designed for this purpose. Online ticketing can be employed by a number of businesses from event spaces to independent theatres to pop-up haunted houses. 

How to make it work: Design and sell event tickets as a digital product with Kaufpedia. 

Sell (almost) anything on Kaufpedia

Interestingly, services and other intangible products are that while they may be the heart of your online business, they can also serve as a valuable add-on to a physical products business. Both categories can be sold side by side on the same Kaufpedia store, as many of the examples above show.

If you’re looking for a business idea and aren’t sure what to sell on Kaufpedia, the answer is: almost anything. And for business owners already selling physical products, you’re now set to add services and other virtual products to increase order value and offer convenient options for your customers’ evolving needs.


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